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Monday 2 August 2010


Would it be wrong to dedicate a book to a food? 'Cause this is what got me through my latest Modern Heat/Harlequin Presents. Raspberry and white chocolate muffins from my favourite cafe.

Add to that gorgeous staff who don't even ask for my order any more, just bring me the warm, crumbly, mound of yum with melting white choc on top and a mound of cream to dip it in. Along with a fork so my fingers stay clean while I'm tapping on my laptop. And a hot decaf latte. And who even give me staff discount I'm there so often!

Okay, so maybe its not just the muffins. Maybe it's the place. The office away from the office. So here's a big smoochy thanks to my cafe...and their muffins. This one's for you!

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