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Thursday, 15 July 2010

revisions... yum!

Revisions arrived in my inbox today for my latest Modern Heat, working title THE LONG WEEKEND. I love revisions. Love 'em. Adooore them. The question is, Why?

* Is the feel of a red pen clasped in my hand as I slash and burn my way through an overly long, freshly printed manuscript a nod to my stationery addiction? Add to that a new bulldog clip, and highlighters, and sharpened pencils, and...okay, I'm starting to get flushed ;).

* Is it the "aha!" moment that comes from having a second set of eyes pointing out the bumps and rises in the road that I was always too close to see? More rises than bumps always a good thing!

* Is it the chance to revisit much-loved characters one last time before they head off into the unknown together? Bradley and Hannah have been a particular joy. Funny, sexy, all the better off for finding one another.

* Is it the knowledge that the book will be all the better for the revising.

You know what? I reckon it's all of the above. Of course I could be kidding myself. It's probably the crumbly, delicious, raspberry and white chocolate muffin awaiting me at my fave cafe where I'll be doing the revising!

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