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Saturday 7 August 2010

moving on...

In the past couple of days I've officially moved, leaving behind elegant, cosmopolitan, wintry, wet Melbourne to land in bright, sunny, warm Brisbane. For any of you who've read my last three books, we've moved to the land of the Kelly family.

After weeks of packing landing with family, with nothing on my to do list but play with my gorgeous girls and sleep, I've been taking massive advantage of such luxury and done plenty of both! After staying behind to help the removalists, my husband is finally on his way, driving up the east coast as we speak. Hopes are he'll land here tomorrow night. And then the poor love can play and sleep too.

I can't believe the move has come so soon. I'm sure it won't hit me til we move into our new home and no longer feel like we're simply on holiday.

Anyhoo, wanted to extend muchos big sloppy kisses to those who made our Melbourne home away from home feel like home this past decade. Big waves to all who've been in touch to welcome us back. And apologies in advance if it feels like we've fallen off the map for the next month as we navigate our way from one place to the other!

Signing off before another blissful early night,

Brisbane, Australia

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