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Monday, 9 August 2010


Soooo excited to announce that my twenty-first book, THE WEDDING DATE, will hit the shelves in the UK as a RIVA (Modern Heat's new incarnation come next year) release in March 2011!

This book was pure joy to write. Set in a chalet hotel deep in the wilds of wintry Tasmania, I had no choice but to let my characters do whatever they had to in order to keep warm ;). My PA heroine Hannah was just fun, with a great line in back-chat I simply couldn't rein in. As for Bradley the hero... The guy climbs mountains for Pete's sake. Just imagine the muscles!

Having just moved interstate we have stuff scattered from one end of Australia to the other and once that's all back in one place watch my website for behind the book background pics, excerpts, and all sorts of other gorgeous bits and bobs. Until then, enjoy this picture of my Bradley. Rugged, impossible, and heaven on two legs. Truly.

And yes, for those who are wondering, the book has been dedicated to raspberry white chocolate muffins, chunky white choc macadamia cookies, and the wondrous cafe gurus who served them up to me over and over in the making of this book!

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