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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

the wilds of suburbia

We are all settled into our new home - well, if you can count the boxes and boxes of books and DVDs yet to find a home "settled in". though we did just buy 3 metres of bookcases we are planning on lining up aginst one wall and filling to the brim which I am sooo excited about!

The most unexpectedly lovely thing about our move so far has been the wildlife.

Less than twenty kms from the city centre we have gorgeous little grey geckos climibing our windows, especially on rainy days. Gum trees in our backyard house rainbow lorikeets, sulfur-crested cockatoos, and kookaburras. And the trill of butcher birds in the morning brings back so many happy memories of feeding them by hand at my Nan's house.

Oh yeah and then there's that other kind of wildlife I'd forgotten all about! So far we've only had run ins with one huntsman spider - he was half the size of my hand - and one carpet snake two feet taller than my husband who stands over six feet.

Here he is, slithering off into the neighbours' yard ;). Oh well, in this part of the woods there's plenty more where he came from!