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Thursday, 12 August 2010

did you miss my first ever modern heat? if so, read on!

Mills and Boon are oh so fabulously re-releasing my first ever Modern Heat novel GETTING DOWN TO BUSINESS!

The collection in which GETTING DOWN TO BUSINESS will appear is called Boardroom Hot-Shots: Real Men Collection and has stories by the fabulous Jennie Lucas and Robyn Grady within its pages as well. How cool is that?

This here is Flynn Granger, a guy I once described as "dark, elegant, rumpled". A man so sexy he can get away with wearing a paperboy hat and a scarf. Boy is he one of my absolute favourites! (A big thanks to Jeremy Northam for being just so very yum.)

GETTING DOWN TO BUSINESS be out in early January in the UK (meaning free delivery everywhere in the world via THE BOOK DEPOSITORY). You can even pre-order it now and get a whopping 51% off the cover price!!!

Click here to grab your copy now.

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