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Sunday, 3 October 2010

blue sky for mighty pies!

After ten years of living in Melbourne, primarily staying because we simply couldn't move back home to Brisbane til the Collingwood Magpies won the AFL Premiership, what do they go and do 6 weeks after we leave? THEY WIN THE FLAG!!!!

We left the kidlets with my in-laws (my first ever night away from my babies!) and made the trek back to Melbourne last week. Only to see our team draw. No loss. No win. No idea as to what to feel. No stranger a feeling have I known than at the end of that match, espeically as it was multiplied by the other 100,000 people around me. We knew we wouldn't be back, with littlies to return home to and thousands already spent on what should have been THE big weekend, we decided to go low key and stay home. Maybe that was the key? After being at three Collingwood non-wins in a decade maybe we were the problem? (A fan's gotta do what a fan's gotta do for the team, right?)

And in the best move of the millenium we instead shouted my husband's mum the airfare and grand final ticket to see the rematch. Boy did she have a ball!!!! If she has her voice back by now I'd be much surprised.

And as for us? Even from my lounge room, oh the joy of joys!!! Then out on the town last night I had a slurp of champagne. I had complete strangers address my very pregnant belly as "the next Pendlebury" (best player on the gorund yesterday). And I stood up wind while my hubby and his brother smoked cigars they've had saved since 2002, in waits for Collingwood's next grand final win.

Now we can all sit back and revel, and rewatch the game over and over again for the next few months of off-season. I reckon we can hold off til about February before declaring ourselves absolute favourites to win again next year.

Ah, what the heck, I might just go book our flights back to Melbourne for Grand Final weekend 2011 now!!!