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Thursday, 4 November 2010

the charming Mr Northam, and we who adore him so

A fabulous band of lovelies with immensely good taste have invited me to natter on their blog. Why? Because to a one we all adore one Jeremy Northam.

You know, the heavenly Mr Knightley vs Gwyneth Paltrow's adorable Emma. The unstoppable investigator opposite Kate Winslet in Enigma. The charming celebrity guest in Gosford Park. (I can't be the only one who has a thing for men who can play the piano!) And best of all the gorgeously stoic counsel in The Winslow Boy who never saw love coming!

So much so when they'd heard that I had uised Mr Northam as inspiration for my first ever Modern Heat novel, GETTING DOWN TO BUSINESS, a whole bunch of them them out and bought it, and read it, and by all accounts oh so sweetly enjoyed it! And now that its getting a re-release in the BOARDROOM HOT-SHOTS collection, I'm over there remembering why he was such inspiration for my hero, the unflappable Flynn Granger, in the first place.

If you too have a fondness for the charming fellow, check out the Jeremy Northam Fan Blog which has links to their Facebook page and a wonderfully chatty forum where you can talk all things Jeremy.

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