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Saturday, 6 November 2010

happy birthday boo

Today my baby turns three.

I can't believe a whole three years has passed since she came into the world a tiny creature with a serious frown and wary grey eyes. But it has. In a manic amazing blur.

Right this moment she's so tall - the size of a 5 year old! - with a tumble of beautiful ringlet curls and a vocabulary that shocks me everyday. She's snuggly and independant and inquisitive and a lover of books. She loves Batman and bubbles, strawberries and playing "shopping at Bunnings", snuggling on the couch and fairy stickers. Poor love inherited my lack of coordination ;) but she still loves to run and jump and dance. Right now she wants to know how to spell everything and figure out what time it is every five minutes. Keeps mum busy! She adores her little sister, which is a beautiful thing to see. They chase and tickle and play together all day long.

Happy Birthday Baby Boo. It's the absolute pleasure of my life getting to watch you become you!