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Thursday 29 September 2011

Off off and away!

I just hit send and pushed my revisions for Addicted to Love off to my editor!

It's always such a wonderful free feeling...for about fifteen minutes before panic sets in and I start wondering what I missed, if my editor got the email, if I did enough to ramp up tension, heat up the romance, make sure the reader finds the characters as lovable as I do.

Will miss them both terribly.  Caitlyn was the most fun heroine to write.  While Dax...Dax was  smooth, and dry, and rich, and delectable and...  Okay, now I'm just getting the worst craving for dark chocolate ;).

No which of the stories I've been dabbling with to write next?  The one about the wedding dress? Or the one about the dancing?  What the heck, they can wait til tomorrow!