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Thursday, 13 September 2012

RIVA's back! Now meet your new best friend, Kate from RIVA's "The Best Mistake of Her Life" by Aimee Carson

ebook & paperback out now!

Name: Kate Anderson

Age: 28

Occupation: In charge of fundraising for her politician husband. Now that she’s divorced, she’s at loose ends, and organizing her ten-year reunion is turning into a nightmare!

Vital Stats: sleek blond hair, blue eyes, stylish and sophisticated.  (As for her hero, Memphis James?  Light brown hair, whiskey-colored eyes, 6’ 1” with a whole lot of muscles!  Want more of Memphis - head to Natalie Anderons's blog!)

Who'd play her in the movie of her life: Katherine Heigl

Instant BFF or Gotta Earn Her Trust: Gotta earn her trust. Once you do, she’s yours for life.

Friends or Family: Raised in a powerful, political family, she was taught to always, always, put the family first.

Satin Teddy or Cotton Comfort : She prefers lace J

Shower or Bath :long, luxurious baths

What she doesn't want the hero to know: That she’s never completely recovered from theirone-night-stand while she was married to another man.

We'd be her friend because...  even though she’s made serious mistakes, she’s working hard to get her life back on track.

In her words…

Fingers wrapped around her wrist, Memphis took a step closer. "Do you remember what you said the last time we made love that night?"
Kate's mouth went dry and her throat constricted, cutting off her breath. The heat of his palm was but a small reminder of the fire this man had the ability to create. It was several moments before she could answer. "No."
His eyes told her he knew she was lying. "You need a little more practice telling the truth, ex-Mrs. Worthington," he said, his deep voice rumbling up her spine. His tone was infused with the insatiable need they'd shared so long ago.
Along with a generous dose of frustration.
Memphis had always come with a tangle of emotions that had been impossible to unravel—some of them good, some of them bad, but none of them had been lukewarmly felt. Right now intense desire and a rising anger of her own was making rational thought difficult.
He was wrong for her. He'd always been wrong for her.
 "Memphis," she said, struggling to stay calm despite the lack of oxygen. "I'm not—"
“You promised me the morning," he said smoothly.
Her heart tripped in her chest. "That was a long time ago." She pulled her hand free and took a step backward, trying to distance herself from the memories and all she'd done with this man, to this man, and the consequences. "And during a turbulent time in my life."
He went on as if she hadn't spoken, stepping in her direction even as she continued to back away. "And then I woke to find you gone."
Guilt, her ever-present companion, reared its persistent head. "I was upset." She hated that her words came out weak. "And confused…"
As if that explained everything she'd done.
 He continued to advance on her as she backed up, until her shoulders hit the door and there was no more room for retreat. "There," he said softly, his gaze deliberately provoking her. "That will keep the overly helpful clerk out until we're through."
"We are through."
"Angel Face," he said, his voice gruff. "I've finally figured out we're so far from done it isn't funny."
 Irritation drove her chin up. Memphis James might do what Memphis James wanted, but that didn't mean she had to be obliging. "There is nothing left—
He took her hand and placed her palm over the bared scar beneath his navel, and the tiny muscles in her fingers twitched, desire paralyzing the rest of her. The heat and the hard planes of his abdomen were unyielding.
"Do you remember kissing me here?" he said.
Her body flooded with fire. "Of course I do."
"Do you remember where your mouth went next?"
Her head swam with desire, and her protest came out as a weary groan.
"Kate." He braced a hand on the door by her head, the other sandwiching hers against his taut abdomen. She could barely breathe, and the process grew more difficult as he leaned in until she could see the dark chocolate flecks in the caramel color of his eyes, smell the intoxicatingly masculine scent of sandalwood. "I want one more kiss."
And, as if knowing there'd be no consent, he simply took her mouth with his.

Now you can't stop there, right?   Grab your copy from Mills and Boon UK right now.

The book's about...  A fake date with her brother’s wild best friend… What could possibly go wrong? High-flying, high-profile, ex-prom queen and now ex-wife, Kate Anderson has her school reunion and she just can’t face it alone. Hot-shot stuntman, and her twin brother’s best friend, Memphis James is a dangerous option. Their breathtaking, sizzling hot chemistry makes him the perfect companion, but a far greater concern is their scorching shared past. Every turn Kate takes makes it seem like the wheels are falling off her once oh-so-sorted life. Should she flee the scene, or free-fall into the wildest fling of her life?

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