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Thursday, 27 September 2012

RIVA's Back! Now meet your new best friend, Hannah Gillespie from Mills & Boon RIVA's "THE WEDDING DATE" by Ally Blake!

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Heroine:  Hannah Gillespie

Age: 25

Occupation:  PA to the gorgeously sexy mountaineer/TV adventure show producer Bradley Knight.  (Find out aaaall about Bradley at Natalie Anderson's blog!)

Vital Stats: Brown wavy hair (won't stay straight no matter what she does), pale green eyes, and not much the way of curves - the girl needs to work less and eat more!

Who'd play her in the movie of her life:  Gorgeous and goofy Amanda Peet

Instant BFF or Gotta Earn Her Trust:  Hannah takes friendships very seriously.  She's nothing like her mum, who's onto her third - or is it fourth? - husband.  Stick with Hannah and you've got a friend for life.

Friends or Family: Hannah's made a new life for herself since moving to Melbourne, but when the call to come home to Tasmania for her little sister's wedding comes, turns out those strings were too tight to break!

Satin Teddy or Cotton Comfort:  Cotton comfort, for sure!  She can't even go so far as wearing high heels with a nice dress; cowboy boots and her dad's old watch are her accessories of choice.

Shower or Bath:  Well, both come to good use in Hannah's story ;).

What doesn't she want the hero to know:  That she's been smitten with the guy for the entire year she's been his right hand man.  So shhhhhhh...

We'd be her friend because...  Hannah is loyal, to a fault.  She's organised too, so if she's your ride to a party, you'd never be late.  And she'd rather wear jeans and a T than anything else, so your best dresses and fave shoes are safe from the borrowing ;).

In her words…  Hannah was in the bathroom washing sleep out of her eyes when her apartment doorbell rang just before six the next morning.  It couldn’t have been the cab taking her to the dock, it wasn’t due for another hour.
‘Can you get that?’ she called out, but no sound or movement came from Sonja’s room.
Hannah ran her fingers through her still messy bed hair and rushed to the door.
She opened it to find herself looking at the very last view she would ever have expected.  Bradley in her favourite of his leather jackets, chocolate brown and wool-lined.  Dark jeans straining under the pressure of all that hard-earned muscle.  Tall gorgeous and wide awake standing incongruously in the hallway outside her tiny apartment.  It was so ridiculous she literally rubbed her eyes.
When she opened them he was still there, in all his morning glory, only now his eyes were roving slowly over her flannelette pyjama pants, her dad’s over-sized, faded, thirty-year-old Melbourne University jumper, her tatty old ugh boots.
Even while she fought the urge to hide behind the door, the feel of those dark eyes slowly grazing her body was beautifully illicit.
‘Can I come in?’ he asked, eyes sliding back to hers.
No good mornings.  No sorry to bothers.  No I’ve obviously arrived at a bad time.  Just right to the point.
‘Now?’  She glanced over her shoulder, glad Sonja’s makeshift delicates clothesline that usually hung, laden with silky nothings, from window frame to window frame had been mysteriously taken down during the night.
‘I have a proposal.’
He had a proposal.  At six in the morning.  That couldn’t wait.  What could she do but wave a welcoming arm.
He took two steps inside and instantly the place felt smaller than it actually was.  And it was already pretty small.  Kitchenette, lounge, two bed, one bath.  Small windows looking out over nothing much.  Plenty for two working women who just needed a place to crash.
She closed the apartment door and leant against it as she waited for him to complete his recce.
Compared with his monstrous pad with it’s multiple rooms and split levels and city views it must have seemed like broom closet.
When he turned back to her, those grey eyes like gleaming like molten silver in the early morning light, the pads of her fingers pressed so hard into the panelled wood at her back her knuckles ached.
But he was all business.  ‘I hope you’re almost ready.  Flight’s in two hours.’
She blinked.  Suddenly as wide awake as if she was three coffees down rather than none.  Had he forgotten?  Again?  She pushed off the door and her hands flew to her hips.  ‘Are you kidding me?’
His cheek twitched.  ‘You can get that look off your face.  I’m not here to throw you over my shoulder and whisk you off to New Zealand.
She swallowed - half glad, half disappointed...
What's the book about:  

Never mix business…with cocktails!  Hannah is PA to the smart and gorgeous adventurer and TV presenter Bradley Knight. Together they make the perfect professional partnership – they’re both ambitious, super-organised and don’t own an off-button! So when Hannah heads back to Tasmania for her sister’s wedding, and back into the family craziness she had run from years before, the last thing she wants is for Bradley to come too. He sees it as a perfect shooting location; she just wants to shoot herself if he sees her in less than a super-human professional light. How can she stay zipped up and professional when karaoke and flowing mojitos are the wedding entertainment?!
Mills and Boon says, "If you like Harriet Evans and Miranda Dickinson, you’ll love this."

And the author?  

In her previous life Australian romance author Ally Blake was a head cheerleader, a maths tutor, a dental assistant, and the secretary of the Australian Cinematographers Society. She married in Las Vegas - no Elvis in sight, though Tony Curtis did put in a special appearance.  In this life Ally is a bestselling, multi-award winning novelist who has been published in over twenty languages with more than three million books sold world-wide. Her fun, fresh, flirty books are published by Harlequin Mills and Boon.  Ally and her family, including three boisterous toddlers, share a property in the leafy western suburbs of Brisbane, Australia, with kookaburras, cockatoos, lorikeets and the occasional creepy crawly. When not writing she loves eating M&Ms, watching The West Wing reruns, playing hide and seek, and barracking til hoarse for the Collingwood Magpies AFL team.

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