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Monday, 16 December 2013

Jessica Hart's!

The gorgeous Jessica Hart is here chatting about her first book.  Sicne she's 60 books further along, I think that's brilliant!

First, congratulations, Ally, on ten years since your first book was published, and many great books since!  (AB: Thanks Jessica!)

My own first romance – first book, in fact - was published in January 1991 (I won’t tot up how many years ago that is now, because it’ll make me feel too old but it’s a lot more than ten!)  It was called A Sweeter Prejudice, and was set in an English village, with a scratchy, old-fashioned heroine who holds a really rather silly but not entirely inexplicable prejudice against Americans.  My hero, Nick Carleton, was (guess what?) an American movie star.  He comes to spend the summer in Stynch Magna and ends up living in the cottage next door – because Hollywood stars always want a tiny cottage in a quiet English village, right?  It’s a period piece now, set in a world before cell phones, videos and social media, but when I reread it recently before self-publishing, it was more fun than I remembered!

My 60th book, Mr (Not Quite) Perfect will be published in January 2014, but in the meantime, if you fancy an escape back to the 90s, A Sweeter Prejudice is available now as part of the Jessica Hart Vintage Collection, which makes it a double first: first published book, and first self-published book.  The Vintage Collection is available to download everywhere: just follow the links on my website.


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Jessica has a voucher to download all 5 of the Vintage Collection for anyone in need of a blast from the past.  Head over to my Facebook page to let us know: Who was the first movie star you ever dreamed would come and live next door?

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