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Friday, 6 December 2013

Liz Fielding's first...story sale (it might not be as 'big' as you think!)

I'm so excited that Liz Fielding has arrived to my You Never Forget Your First... party!   Liz and I have been great writing friends since two of our characters were thrown together in the Brides of Bella Lucia miniseries a few years back, and her lovely website is one of my fave I've ever designed.  So Liz, give us a first!

Congratulations on ten fabulous years, Ally. Loved your books, and loved working with you on the continuity, The Brides of Bella Lucia. Raising a glass to the next ten!  (AB: Thanks Liz!  And ditto!)

My first - my first sale. No, it wasn't to Harlequin - this life changing moment came when I sold a 600 word story to  a picture paper for little girls called Twinkle published by D C Thomson. It was called A New Home and I received the princely sum of £6 - but someone was prepared to pay me for words. Never looked back!

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Over at my Facebook page today, Liz is giving away a copy of Anything But Vanilla!  To be in with a chance "like" my Facebook page and let us know, do you remember your first job, and how much (or little) it paid?

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