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Wednesday 11 December 2013

Louisa George's first...foray into romance novels!

Welcome the delightful Louisa George with her first!  The first romance she remembers reading.  Watershed moment much?

Unlike a lot of lucky people I came to the romance genre later in life. If asked what kind of books I liked I always said stories with heart, something uplifting, centred around characters and not plot, and with a happy ending. Duh! No-one ever suggested romance novels fit that bill! It was only after a writing mentor invited me to accompany her to a romance writing conference that the genre even came into focus for me.

I can remember the first romance I ever read; ‘Earthquake Baby’ by Amy Andrews (our very own KISS/Modern Tempted author) and I was totally blown away! Obviously Amy is a fabulous author and the story of a secret baby, post traumatic stress, a gorgeous hero and a damaged heroine enchanted me, it was a wonderful introduction to romance books, and I immediately fell in love with the whole genre (medical romance) and soon devoured loads more…. A few years later I was lucky enough to be writing for the very same line!


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