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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Mira Lyn Kelly's first...act of reckless adventure!

The gorgeous Mira Lyn Kelly is here today talking excitement, adventure, thrills - and hot sky diving instructors!

Huge congrats, Ally, on ten amazing years!! 

Okay, so we’re talking firsts, and before I tell you mine, it’s worth understanding that by nature I am a wildly conservative creature. My happy place is well within the lines and, with the exception of one notable year in my life, I’ve always been an unrepentant better-safe-than-sorry girl. But there was that one year, and kicking it off was my first act of reckless adventuring…Sky Diving! 

I don’t remember exactly where the idea came from, but once it took hold there was no shaking it. I wanted the rush of wind in my face, I wanted the heart pounding thrill, and I wanted to fly. But most of all, I wanted something just a little crazy…I wanted to stop playing it quite so safe. 

10,000 feet later, I was suited up with a rather dazzling instructor of the tall, cocky, and capable variety buckled to my back, asking me if I was ready. I looked out the open door at the far flung landscape below and then back into the perfectly good airplane we were flying in. This was crazy. “Yes!”

The first seconds were a jumble—the wind whipping at my face and body, the roar of it past my ears, the utter unparalleled rush of free fall, heady and addicting. And then the chute released and the gentle loft and sudden quiet were a jarring contrast to the screaming intensity of the instant before. The peace of those next drifting minutes…*Sigh*. 

It was incredible. Freeing. And probably a good thing I’d taken a date with me or I might have considered a second reckless act that day involving my dishy instructor!  

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