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Friday 13 December 2013

Nicola Marsh's first...kiss :).

Nicola Marsh has arrived at the party!  Nic and I sold our first books within mere months of one another, so it wouldn't eb a celebration without her here.  Now, as far as firsts go, Nic has given up a doozy :).

First kiss? Hmm…we're talking a real, full-on pash here, and not playground kiss-chasey, right?  So…yeah, I'm hedging.   But here goes…

was in Singapore, when I was on holiday with my family. Met a lovely boy from Perth.   He looked like one of the Kemp brothers in Spandau Ballet so it was love at first sight.

We clubbed every night and danced until the wee hours.   He was polite and sweet and incredibly cute.  He took me to Raffles for a romantic breakfast, then we went shoe shopping. 

His flight was leaving that afternoon…and that's when he kissed me.   Wow. Fireworks.

So now you know!

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