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Tuesday, 4 April 2006

blogging all over the place

I'm blogging at eHarlequin this month - the North America website for all things romantic - so come along and chat about my new North American release A FATHER IN THE MAKING, about chocolate eclairs, trips to Sorrento and all things nice!

My first blog there begins like this...

location, location, location

Sorry it took me so long to come out to play!

You see, what happened was, I was sooooo thrilled about the thought of coming on here to natter with you lovely people, and being that I am an utter klutz, I tripped over my own feet in all the excitement, hit my head, and only just awoke from the haze. Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking with it. Better than admitting that I am a walking technical malfunction. Though I guess that’s an improvement on being a walking wardrobe malfunction…

Anyways, enough excuses – fabulous and utterly believable though they may be - this month I am here to talk about, amongst other highly important and intelligent things, my current Harlequin Romance release, "A FATHER IN THE MAKING"!

For more, come to my blog for a read and do leave a comment!

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