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Tuesday, 20 June 2006

mid year review

The 30th of June looms. It's scary how fast the months are flying by. And faster they fly every year as well! So what does the mid-year mean to you?

For me the end of June means tax time. Grey's Anatomy is back on TV which gives me a weekly dose of McDreamy, but the repeat of Cracker is finished and that can only mean the class level of television has on average dropped. I have sold one book, finished writing another and am halfway through a third. My nephew Lachlan turns one. It's so cold it's harder to get out of bed everyday. Our grocery bags are filled with mandarins rather than stonefruit, and echinacea rather than sunscreen.

It also means the mid-season break in the AFL competition. I have been spoilt rotten yet again, being asked to write a mid-season review for my fave team, the Collingwood Magpies. If you want a look see, head on over to their website.

One more reason why the middle of the year is on my mind is that in a few short days I will be turning a year older. Though it will make me an even age which always feels better, brigher, more hopeful. The odd years seem to disappear for me into some kind of void, but the even years just shine. So the last six months of this year I will in an even year and an eve age which makes me so excited.

Anybody out there know anything about numerology?

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