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Monday, 21 August 2006


I am deep within the cave, but felt a need to come up for air and coffee and thoughts outside of my hero and heroine's heads! So picture me waving to everyone with hand aching from typing ;).

Now, about my revisions. I was all ready for these to be my most fun revisions yet. Nothing structural at all, just an increased 'hotness' in the first half of the book, as it is for a sexier line than the one I usually write for. Easy, huh? Blast and a half, surely. Seriously, who wouldn't think that would be the most fun a girl can have while strapped to her computer?

But you know what? It's actually really, really tricky. My heroine Abbey is a dyed in the wool feminist, the granddaughter of a feminist icon, and a woman determined not to be turned by a pretty face. And though no woman in their right mind could walk into a room and not swoon at the sight of my hero Flynn who is just beyond dreamy, Abbey can't do that and be happy about the fact. For her it is a real problem, a constant struggle, a weakness she can't cope with. So adding in more sensual awareness on her part has meant such a fine balance.

Too much and she just won't be believable, and not enough and the story won't fit the line. Tricky, huh?

But fun? Hell yeah!

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