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Wednesday, 15 August 2007

i'm still here!

Sorry I've been so hard to pin down these last weeks. Time is simply spinning away from me!

I've been wasting time... Sitting on the couch watching the Scamp roll about like the Loch Ness Monster creating waves beneath the surface of my tummy. Bub's discovered hiccups as well. Midnight and four in the morning being it's favourite time to get them. Here's a piccie of me with my huge belly, I think perhaps only the second photo of me taken while pregnant. How does time slip away so fast!!!

I've been spending... We've been buying furniture for bub's room, and we bought a car!!! We pick it up on Friday afternoon and I can't wait!!! It's black and shiny and a wagon and has that new car smell and the seats are sooo comfy and now I'll have somewhere to put the bub's pram other than hanging out a window as it would have done on the tiny car I have now.

I've been pining... about missing out on the Romance Writers of Australia conference in Sydney. A huuuuge congrats to Anne Oliver whose debut, yes DEBUT, and a ModEx/Sexy Sensation to boot, won the Romantic Book of the Year RuBY. Go Anne!!!

I've been working... Oh yeah and doing revisions on my third Modern Extra, lovingly titled by me THE BEAUTIFUL STRANGER. After a final read through I'll be sending it off to my lucky ed today. It's shorter, sharper, faster and I love it to bits. Hope she does too!

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