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Wednesday, 27 April 2011


I'm starting to dress like my current heroine!

Mind you she's several inches shorter than me, half my size, ten years my junior and has lived in Europe the past few years, yet there I was, sitting at the simple little café at my local shops in a fur-collared jacket, a frilled top, cropped herringbone pants, and knee high boots as I tapped away on my laptop. Me, a girl who ususally spends her days in ugh boots and track pants and is lucky to see the right end of a hairbrush.

You know what? It helped the writing. All that jazz made me walk taller – literally! (My boots had killer heels) Made me feel like I was walking in her shoes – literally! (She designs high heels ;)) And put me deeper inside of her head.

But what if my next heroine is a clown? Or a Liza Minnelli impersonator? Or a fire fighter...? Hmm, not sure if this new working method should become a habit ;).

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