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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

people watching

I love writing at my local café, ostensibly as it gets me out of the house and away from the clambering of my three gorgeous kids. But also for the people watching. I don't think it ever occurs to me how much I give away about how I'm feeling, or what I'm thinking just walking along. But watching shoppers idle by you can tell so much with just a single glance.

I especially love, love, love watching couples. Seeing how they interact. Seeing how similar so many of them are in look, dress, mannerism, facial expression.

There's the buff dark guy with the tattoo sleeves tossing his little fair toddler son in the air makes my heart clench its such a cute image. But his curvy bombshell of a wife taps her high heel shod toes impatiently, waiting for him to get a hurry on.

The tall lithe Scandinavian-looking pair with their curly blonde daughter, so casually elegant without even trying to be. They seem easy-going, relaxed, and really content.

Then there's tanned surfer dude with the freckles and sun-drenched auburn hair, thongs slip-slapping on the tiles. He's holding hands with a fit blonde, the same height, the same build, the same stern expression. She slip slaps right alongside him as though they're both walking in time to the same tune.

Somehow, they all match perfectly. I couldn't imagine the red-headed bloke with the bombshell in any lifetime, or any other mix of these couples for that matter. They've all clearly recognized something of themselves in one another.

And it gets me to wondering. Have my hero and heroine done the same? And if so, what? How would they appear wandering the aisles of my local shops hand in hand? It's kind of a nice image. Some place beyond the scope of my happily ever after. But that's what I hope for them all the same.

This means my iced coffee and brownie were consumed in the name of research right?


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