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Saturday, 28 January 2012

my favourite...apps

Got a brand new smart phone for Xmas - a Sony Experia Arc.  My god is it lovely!  All smooth and dark and delicious.   Like a good romantic hero really ;).   I love being able to email and blog and tweet but there's just a whole world of time wasting fun out there to be had!  Apps, backgrounds, widgets.  Boy do I love the widgets.
Here are my current faves:
IMDB - the Internet Movie Database website is the most perfect treasure trove for movie buffs.  The relief of seeing some random actor in a movie and being able to track down what you've seen him in before has changed my life!  As for the phone app - brilliant!  Blissfully easy access to movie trailers, and session times anywhere in the world.  Love love love it.

GoodReads - easy way to keep quick track of your books and the books your friends are reading.  

Piano Keyboard - plug in some headphones and my eldest makes up and records her own song.  Curly girl is 4 mind you so they sound like a wall of sound.  But its still lovely to watch - and not hear ;).
Angry Birds - need I say more ;) ? Even while it is a love hate relationship for absolute sure, the thing is crazy addictive! 
WeatherZone - even while I know it's never right, and I do have windows to look out of to check for myself, I have this obsession with checking it ten times a day!
Days Until - great for counting down the days til Kinder starts as Curly Girl asks EVERY DAY if she's going yet.

ColorNote - awesome for shopping lists and keeping track of present ideas and presents bought.  Wasa lifesaver over Christmas.

Which Android apps MUST I get for my phone? More of my favourites here.

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