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Friday, 13 January 2012

I'm reading... Susan Elizabeth Phillips

I once heard another author say they struggled for years to read this Susan Elizabeth Phillips book because they couldn’t imagine enjoying a book about a heroine named Sugar Beth.  I know how they feel!  Every time I picked it up I thought, mmm, maybe later...

Oh my god.  Really!!!  This is one of those rare books that I spent the entire time thinking I WISH I’D WRITTEN THIS!!!  This with a heroine who was the most popular girl in town, stepping on anyone who got in her path along the way, who now down on her luck has to return home.  And a hero so foppish he at first appears in a smoking jacket and slippers!  I tell you this because I do not want you to be put off by these opening pictures.  As this book is magnificent. 

The dialogue is biting.  The back stories and character revelation unique, deep, heartbreaking, real and juicy.  The hero and heroine are nothing short of fantastic.  So strong.  So stubborn.  So  well matched.

AIN'T SHE SWEET by Susan Elizabeth Phillips is funny, smart, touching, raw and wonderful.  BUY IT TODAY!!!

More about the author here.  Buy the book here.

Next I’m reading... SWEPT OFF HER STILETTOS by Fiona Harper.  What are you reading?  Which book MUST I read this year?  Find the other books I've enjoyed in my "I'm reading..." series this year here!  Or join me at Goodreads.

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