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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Images of Christmas

I can't believe its been days since Christmas already! 

I'm thoroughly enjoying my shiny massive new computer monitor which my clever hubby bought me, and have only JUST finished putting together all the kids new toys - seriously how many twisty ties, and rubber bands, and metal doohickies do you need to stop someone from nicking a toy from the box!!!

Anyhoo, since we're still enjoying the spoils, I thought I'd put up a few images of my Christmas.

Such as my eldest - Curly Girl - whose adept use of the alphabet came into its own as she separated the gifts according to name - only after weighing and comparing first ;).

The fact that Bright Eyes - my 2 year old - ended up dress-free second year in a row. (At least this year it was bubble mix she poured all over herself.  Last year it was red wine!)

And the amazing fact that my curious Little Man actually left the Christmas tree alone.

Hope you've all had some lovely family time this week too, and are getting excited about the new year as I am!

Til then...

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