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Thursday, 15 December 2011

my office

While in Melbourne I had come to rely on my local library as my place of business.  With three little kids in the house I couldn't write at home as my ears were constantly alert for any noises coming from their rooms as they slept, even with super hubby at home to take care of them.  It's a mum thing, right?

Now in Brissy I still use my awesome library once a week, but 2-3 nights a week I write here.  Immersed in the light and energy of Brisbane's fabulous street of bars, restaurants and cafes, Park Road.

I sit under the Eiffel Tower.  Gorgeous right?  Add a slew of charming waiters who see me coming and have my order - latte and jam drop - on my table before I've even sat down, and tables full of men speaking Italian to add to the ambiance, and what more could a romance writer ask for!



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