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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

ebook of the month...getting down to business

First published in April 2007
Boardroom Hotshots collection
eBook out now!


The book:
Until this point I'd written only for Harlequin Romance.  And the idea of writing anything even vaguely hotter never occurred to me.  I love the Romance line and the kinds of books that leave you feel warm and fuzzy have been my favourites since I first discovered romance novels.  

Then one day I had this idea...  I had a gap between deadlines.  A new editor.  And I thought, what the heck?  I wrote the first 25000 words in a week.  A week!  As a mum of three kids aged 4 and under that kind of productivity makes me want to flick my former self behind the ear ;).

Abbey's grandmother is a famous almost militant feminist.  Flynn is the playboy to end all playboys.  This book is about when happens when they get into bed together...for the sake of a business opportunity.  And then some ;). 

I had suuuch fun writing GETTING DOWN TO BUSINESS.  Hope you have as much fun reading it!
The excerpt:
‘So what happened today in the celebrated life and times of Flynn Granger?’

Flynn threw a handful of mixed nuts into his mouth and sat back in his favourite wing chair of his favourite club in town, and smiled as his best mate George chatted away.

‘Break the hearts of any lingerie models?  Buy a golf course?  Lose a million dollars on roulette?  What?’

‘Sorry to disappoint, buddy,’ Flynn said, slapping his oldest friend on the back.  ‘Today was all back to regular business.’

And regular business bored the hell out of him.  Always had.  As did people who played it safe, and did what was expected of them.  The ironic thing was, his life had hit a point where he was now almost expected to do the unexpected.  And it was driving him mad.

He’d made enough money.  He’d travelled everywhere.  He’d partied like it was 1999.  He’d dated many of the world’s most beautiful women, only to find that it no longer gave him anywhere near the satisfaction it had the first time he’d done it all.  And now he feared that there were no mountains left to climb.

He ran a finger back and forth across his mouth.  Something he’d never done was run a magazine.

Flynn smiled, the motion coming from deep down inside of him.  ‘Well, there was this one woman I met with this morning.’

George leant forward in his chair, his eyes glinting.  ‘Go on.’

Flynn laughed.  George was such a wannabe cad, a sweet guy with a heart of gold who couldn’t play the part Flynn had made famous even if he wanted to.

George had fallen in love at first sight a thousand times and was always disappointed when the women he dated weren’t the flawless princesses he built them up to be.  Flynn was more realistic – when he dated he fully expected the flush to fade.

He’d never even come close to falling in love, at first sight or twenty-first.  Having a father with all the warmth of a polar bear on a no red meat diet, and a mother who covered up her disappointment in her choice of husband with too much sherry had made him that way.  He knew it.  He lived with it.  And he found plenty of ways to have a perfectly nice love life despite it.

So he came out of relationships feeling vindicated, George came out feeling battered.  But if George knew that Flynn had spent many nights sitting in a chair in his penthouse bedroom looking out over the magnificent city view, waiting for a shooting star drop off a load of inspiration on its way across the sky, he didn’t show it.

‘Blonde she was,’ Flynn said, waggling his eyebrows at his intrigued friend.  ‘A power pack who barely came up to my chin.  Eyes the colour of a clear summer sky.  And a pair of legs that went all the way to the floor.’
Re-released as part of the Boardroom Hot-shots collection.
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