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Wednesday 19 July 2006

book in a week diary: day three

Today has been a good writing day.

I had a few ideas while pretending to sleep last night ;), so this morning I left the edits behind and ran with the new stuff. New scenes, new conflicts, and I have even written what might be the end scene of the book! So with that almost in the bag, everything in between now has a more clear direction.

I am a big one for writing secondary characters, it is often a request from my editor to expand my use of them and I am happy to do so! In this current book my hero and heroine each have a best friend, a foil if you like, characters so different from themselves who show up both their good points and their bad. And I adore these twoso much, especially since they have run away to have an unexpected little romance of their own mid-book! But how could sweet clueless George not fall for a sassy minx like Becky here?

So now I am off to see what these two minor characters have been up to while my hero and heroine weren't paying enough attention to them!

Word count for day three: 5000 words