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Monday, 17 July 2006

book in a week diary: day two

A day at home today listening to Stevie Wonder in the background.

As usual I gave myself until midday to do as I pleased! Slept in. Answered emails. Played on internet. Gossiping with the fabulous Trish Wylie and Natasha Oakley over the Internet kept me busy for a good half an hour. Then at midday on the dot, or maybe fifteen minutes passed I opened up the word file for my WIP, a sexy romp entitled Alpha, and set to writing up a storm.

One thing I adore about my new huge flat screen monitor is being able to open several files at once. I have set it up so that my Word file opens using 2/3 of the screen on the left with my hero and heroine pictures taking up the remainder of the screen on the right. I loooove it! It means I don't have to have a piece of A4 paper sticky-taped to my office wall!

Nothing on TV tonight to drag me away, though I am trying very hard not to refill my tub of M&Ms with the 500 gram packet in the cupboard, while my dog sits at my feet lovingly looking desk as even she knows the sound of M&Ms hitting wood. Do you think I can hold out for the night?

I am in the midst of reading through what I have already written to up the sexual tension (those two words are even written on a piece of red A4 paper next to my cpmputer), therefore the word count isn't zooming as it would be if I was writing entirely new stuff. So am thrilled with my progress today. Coming up soon is a scene set walking along Southbank so I will get to use all those lovely evocative feelings I had yesterday when lunching in the city. But until then I will continue weaving through hightened tension, and minimising backstory, so that by the time I get to write the "first date" scene these two will be so ready to...kisss, I don't know that even I will be able to stop them!

Word count tally day two: 2000 words