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Monday 6 November 2006

laverne and shirley update

egg update

Mork and Mindy have now been joined by Lenny. Though as of midday today no Squiggy has arrived. We are now almost one hundred percent sure Shirley is in fact a boy.

1) Laverne is the only one laying.
2) Shirley's tail feathers are starting to curl.
3) He/she now struts better than John Travolta even without the tight disco pants.


For a bit of fun to start my day, Liz Fielding tagged me. So her are five things you never knew about me, maybe, unelss I have blabbed about them here before!

1) I am an apple stalk twirler.

When you were in school did you ever play this game? Before eating an apple, twirl the stalk and go through the alphabet. Whatever letter you hit when the stalk comes off is the first name of your future husband. Then throw the stalk in the air and back into your open palm, whatever letter you hit when the stalk falls to the ground is your future husband’s surname. I have been married for 6 years and I still never eat an apple without playing!

2) I once met Hugh Hefner.

And his bunnies at Disneyland and had a photo taken with them. Hef wore a Gilligan hat and a shirt with tiny pictures of Playboy covers all over it.

3) I am a John Fitzgerald Kennedy fan.

Big time. I have bookshelves filled with books. My room used to be covered in posters. My parents bought me a beautiful framed picture of him for my university graduation present. My hubby, unfortunately, does not share my love of all things Kennedy. But he is such a gem he let me go on a Kennedy stalking mission for much of our honeymoon ;). I mean we went to Hyannisport for goodness sake! And Boston! And Washington! How could we not scope out the compound, the library, and the everlasting flame?

4) I can do the splits.

I was a dancer for years - cheerleading for the Brisbane Broncos footy team, the Gold Coast Rollers basketball team and on TV as well. I used to dance constantly. My dad always joked that I couldn't even play tennis without spinning and turning and floating about the court like a ballerina. And though I'm sure I couldn't remember one routine, I can still do the splits which makes me feel a bit like an old time footballer who still thinks he could return to the pros one day if he really wanted to ;).

5) I live in a suburban menagerie.

As well as Laverne and Shirley and their offspring, my hubby and I have a miniture fox terrier called Squiffy, two black-headed pythons called Mary and Frederik, four gold fish called Arnie, Sylvester, John-Claude and Dolph. And since Laverne and Shirley have come along we now have a pair of grey doves who sun themselves daily in our back yard. Feathers fluffed, wings outstretched, like a day at the beach. It's just beautiful.

Now I hereby tag my Pink Heart Society mates: Nicola Marsh, Natasha Oakley and Trish Wylie (who is so deep into deadline mode we are not sure we'll ever be able to drag her back ;))