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Monday 6 November 2006


In Australia it is this month is otherwise known as Movember - a month in which men across the country are encouraged to grow themselves a mo and make their friends pay for the privilege of watching it happen!!!

Tom Selleck wore them beautifully. As did Burt Reynolds. Guido on Hill Street Blues was an infamous moustachioed guy.

And I don't mean no five o'clock shadow, or some tuft balanced on the edge of the top lip. I'm talking full-bodied, curly, scratchy, need to be trimmed with scissors mos.

In the height of mo fever in the 70s and 80s mo's on men seem to havve come with hot sports cars, hairy legs and too tight pants. Many came with their own porn video as well.

Look how dashing these fallas are! Hot stuff right? Pure hero material! Now, one David Beckham managed to single-handedly bring back the mohawk and the mullet, shall we get him started on the mo?

In Australia, Movember is a fundraising event to raise money for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, and to raise community awareness of Men's Health Issues.

Go get 'em boys!!!