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Sunday 7 January 2007

all in the name of research

I tend to write, or at this point revise, from ~ midday until I go to bed. When deadlines are not near I like to stop when hubby gets home from work, but considering deadline was last Thursday, at this point it's midday til I go to bed ;).
Not non stop mind you. For that would be nuts. Neck aches, numb bum, back stiffness, carpal tunnel, eye strain. I know. Because I do have days where I am nuts and I don't stop for anything. Bar coffee and chocolate, but that goes without saying.

Anyhoo, over the last few weeks, I have been stopping for SatC breaks. While sitting down to breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea, I have been re-watching Sex and the City all over again starting with episode one. And it has been maaaaarvellous.

I loved the show when it was first aired. I have loved catching repeats whenever they're on. But wathcing the show as a whole I have a new appreciation. It is brilliant. Nuanced. Tragic. Hilarious. Embarassing. And oh so true.

When it comes to women and their fragile psyches, when it comes to romance, love life and having it all, this show gets it. Soooo much. Look past the raucous language, the big city life, and the loads of men, Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha are us.

And yesterday I hit the second to last DVD. Miranda married Steve. Carrie married herself after Berger dumped her using a post-it. Samantha found out she had breast cancer. Smith shaved his head. Big had heart surgery, offered Carrie a life together and recanted the next morning. Charlotte miscarried. And I bawled and bawled and bawled. Once every 2-3 hours when I had my SatC fix, I bawled.

I have one disc to go. Only one disc. One tiny, measly, piddly disc. I know what happens. I know how it all ends. But I can't do it. I can't make myself put it into the machine, for it means that soon, far too soon it will all be over. My love affair with SatC, my 2pm break won't ever be the same again. No more Charlotte and Harry and Elizabeth Taylor. No more Manolo Blahniks. No more Brady Hobbs, and Brooklyn, and cynical Miranda. No more Mr Big!!! Whatever will I do???

Of course a friend of mine has given me the first 8 episodes of the new season of Grey's Anatomy...

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