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Monday, 22 January 2007

between the sheets: catering

I once heard that it is wise to study in the manner in which you plan to sit your exam. For example, if you eat buttered toast and drink scads of tropical juice while studying, do the same thing before going into your exam. It’s helps you tap into that part of you brain you used while studying - like some kind of sense memory.

And being of the mind that one ought to do whatever gets them through, I stick by the same eating habits when writing. Every day as I sit at my computer I do so with a cup of coffee – white no sugar, big glass of iced water, and a tub of M&Ms at the ready. And this book is no different.

Since I have started the PHS Diet Club as well, I have added exercise to my list of daily habits. (I'm not even going to pretend that I can or will change my diet - that would be just setting myself up to fail) And there's nothing like getting the blood flowing to get ideas flowing too. I keep telling myself it will feed my mind oxygen while hopefully stopping writers’ spread as well ;).

today’s progress

All this talk of Paris has me itching to go. Added to that I finally succumbed and watched the final four episodes of Sex and the City last night after waiting a month between the rest of the series and the last disc. Not wanting it to end. When Carrie goes out onto the balcony of the Plaza and sees the Eiffel tower and jumps up and down and claps her hands in glee - that was me the first time I saw Paris. Though I wasn't at the Plaza, and the view from my tiny window was of the tips of the Notre Dame spires over the tops of a dozen Parisienne rooves... Sigh...

Enough that I've even ben onto website slooking at airfares, and dreaming of those crepes they make on street corners. Bad, bad Ally!

word count: 5,643 / 50,000

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