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Saturday, 27 January 2007

between the sheets: a writer’s instruments

First and foremost, as writers, we need to nourish our minds. Right? Wrong. First and foremost we need to be healthy. Free of aches and pains. Able to sit at the computer for most of a working day. Yet it’s something I don’t pay attention to nearly enough.

I had three websites to update over the past couple of days. Nothing for weeks and then in one day...three! Life is like that, dontcha find? When it rains it pours and all that. Anyhoo, I love doing it so I no complain. I jump right in with both hands, both feet and a kaleidoscope of colours swimming before my eyes. Hours of writing and cutting and pasting and prettifying. What fun!

The lovely Liz Fielding’s, getting ready for the launch of the last book in the Brides of Bella Lucia series in February.

Trish Wylie’s new website, meant to be launched in February for the release of her second MX Breathless! (which is a top seller on the Mills and Boon UK website!!!) but the girl has no patience and it's mostly up and ready for a gander now!!!

And the one for my hubby’s fabulous TV show, Hot Dog With the Lot.

After such marathons, my right wrist gets sore. My fingers tingly. My neck hurts. My bum goes numb. And it reminds me that sitting in front of the computer for hours at a time ain't smart ;). As a writer you must look after your primary instrument which is your body. The number of authors I know who’ve been forced to pull back on their workload through stiff necks, eye problems, carpal tunnel, back aches…

So if you are going on this book writing journey with me, get up. Now! (Or preferably after you’ve finished reading my rant ;)) Go for a walk around the room. Eat brain food. Fruit, veges, water. Stretch. And when you sit down again make sure your desk is set up into the best condition for your body. All right angles and ergonomics. Don’t cross your legs. Sit up straight. And at the slightest twinge, get up and walk around and stretch some more. Go outside. Look at things in the distance. Give your eyes a break. Your hands. Your posture.

Okay? Promise? Good!

today’s progress

Remember the whole “writing two books at once” conversation from a couple of days back? Well my next Modern Extra has sprung into my mind. And what a fun idea it is!!! So fun I have to be very careful not to become too enamoured and leave Hud and Kendall out in the cold ;). Today is there day. A bit of collaging and a bit of writing – the second meeting is just around the corner!

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