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Thursday, 25 January 2007

la vie on rose

I really have no idea where this Paris kick began.

Sure my last MX heroine lived in Paris. My current hero in Kissing a Fool lives in a house reminiscent of the Hotel Brion in Paris ;). But
now it's just getting out of hand!

Yesterday my hubby's aunt came over with a book she had bought out of the blue. It is called La Vie on Rose and has the most beautiful pictures of houses and apartments throughout France. The decorating ideas alone are enough to make you weep they are soooo beautiful.

And there is even a small picture of a window with a sideways, half-hidden behind winter trees iew of the Sacre Coeur, which is a vision from my MX!

...her cosy Montmartre apartment with its wrought iron balcony big enough to fit only one smallish person, but positioned just so that she was afforded a sliver view of the exquisite splendour of Sacre Coeur, a building her father had promised would make her heart ache it was so beautiful...

Do you think the world is giving me a sign or three?

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