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Wednesday, 26 September 2007

what's in store?

I had my second last antenatal class at the hospital last night.

And while I was all emotional a dozen times over watching babies being born on the telly, I think one more is one class too many for my poor hubby who is still reeling from the pictures, videos, language, graphs, diagrams he's had to endure over the past month ;)

Anyhoo, we ended up with a tour of the maternity ward which was lovely, seeing some bubs in the nursery and checking out the swish double bedrooms with the nice big bathrooms. I could stand staying there a few nights, easy.

Then as we waited in a hallway to see into another room, a gorgeous twentysomething blonde girl came walking down the hall towards us with a widwife. She had a neat little belly on her so I assumed she was having a private tour, or visiting a friend. But no. She had only just had a baby herself!!!!

"Four hour labour," the midwife said as they slowly shuffled past, the blonde blushing prettily and looking adorable in her cute stappy royal blue fitted nighty, hair out, brushed and neat. "And no epidural."

And then came hubby, hero handsome, decked out in jeans, a double layered long sleeved T, a cool cap over his slightly too long hair, wheeling his newborn son wrapped in layers of soft white swaddling. He spied the dozen odd couples, feamles all heavily pregnant wathcing him wide-eyed. A huge, mesmerised, shocked grin spread across his face as he said, "It's really amazing."

Tears welled, I tell ya. It was really moving. Giving us a glimpse into what's in store.

But mostly I wanna know, what do hubby and I have to do to look as good as they did an hour after I've had this Scamp of mine???