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Wednesday, 31 October 2007

ally and the city

Hello one and all. I'm stiiiiillll here, still whale-like and still finding myriad ways in which to fill my time as I await the arrival of bub. So yesterday, my hubby, our friends Sheree (who's due to have her own bub soon after me), her hubby Chris and their two year old Tom went for a trip into the city.

Tom had never been on a train before, it was Chris's birthday, Sheree and I felt the need to be upright and mobile, and none of us had ever been to the Melbourne Aquarium. So off we toddled.

Starting with lunch in one of Melbourne's fantabulous, cramped and noisy and bustling and aromatic restaurant filled alleyways. This building at the end of the alley is actually where my heroine lived in my next Modern Heat book THE MAGNATE'S INDECENT PROPOSAL. On the left you can see the side of the building. Think art deco lobby, black wrought iron balconies dripping in bougainvillea right in the heart of the city. Gorgeous!

Next we trundled through town, heading past stunning Flinders Street train station in which my hero and heroine from WANTED: OUTBACK WIFE meet - at a funky cafe located beneath the ground! This building is a true favourite. It runs the length of the north bank of the Yarra River and is an icon of the city.

After that we took a tram, and yes it was Tom's first tram, to the Melbourne Aquarium, where I set an important "date" scene in GETTING DOWN TO BUSINESS. Here are some piccies of what was a truly gorgeous, peaceful, inspiring place to spend a day - especially with an excitable two year old!

We finished our day with a stroll along South Bank, had ice creams and headed home, exhausted, inspired, and very pleased that we'd headed out, even with only three days until I'm due to have my bub!!!

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