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Monday, 22 October 2007

i'm still here!

I just realised it had been a few days since I came on here to say hello and people might be getting ideas ;). But I'm still here. And my OB thinks it won't be happening anytime this week so I'll still be here in a few days time.

I'm here, and I'm bored.

Now I'm not a person who gets bored easily, if at all. I'm not quite sure what to do about it! I head out to the shops every couple of days, though am trying to stay off my feet, and to stop spending money on baby until we know what flavour we're having so can buy some cool stuff like dresses or shorts and T's. I am watching my fave DVDs and even though we have a collection that would shock a video store, I'm running out of movies that are calling out to be watched for the tenth time. I'm having lots of lovely catch ups with friends, but if I wear them all out now I may stretch the friendships too far.

Sooooo.... Any ideas on how I can spend this down time in new and interesting ways before said downtime disappears for the next twenty odd years ;)?