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Thursday 25 October 2007

stationery, I lovest thou

Have I mentioned my stationery addiction here? Surely I must have. Alongside M&Ms and coffee, it's my favourite thing about being a professional writer.

That said, one of the things I am doing right now to get myself up to date pre-bub is my taxes. And for that I decided the time had come to update my tax filing system. Currently our receipts all go in a box under my bed, and ALL paperwork, and by that I mean every piece of mail, every scrap of paper to do with the writing of a book, every birthday card that comes through our door goes into a pile beside my desk that ends up teetering 2 feet high by the end of June.

Yesterday, trying to trudge all that junk into the dining room to sort through it I'd had enough. And looking for any excuse to allay the boredom I chattered about here a couple of days back ;), I got dressed, put on some lippy and headed to Officeworks. And there I found my saviour.

Hot pink concertina files! The big one fits all my accounts/bills for the year and the small one all my receipts now labelled and organised into their relevant categories. Aren't they just the most beautiful things you've ever seen? They slot perfectly into the small cupboard adjoined to my desk, now my office floor is clean and tidy and the dusty receipt box under my bed is no more.

Come June next year I think I'll kiss them. And save three days in the sorting. See, this baby brain thing ain't all bad!