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Thursday 22 November 2007

back to work...

My lovely editor has been onto me to say that she looooves the book I handed in just before the girl was born. Phew! The idea of sitting down and doing a mass of revisions right now is beyond me. So the itty-bitty revisions I do have feel like a pleasure.

This is Mitch and Veronica. And don't they look like fun? Well they are. Veronica especailly. In the very first scene she turns up to a job interview dressed something like this. Hee... Can you imagine the fun I had writing about her?

And I got to use an opening paragraph I wrote years ago but had never found a book to fit. Here 'tis...

When Veronica Bing was a little girl her grand plan in life was to have blue eyes and blonde hair. Long blonde hair down to her waist and the kind of baby blue eyes that made a girl able to get away with anything. Oh, and to be a fairy princess with wings. With braces on her teeth and divorced parents as all the kids at school had them. And she wanted a hot pink car. Not too much to ask, right?