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Thursday 15 November 2007

so far so good...

A quick update...

The girl is pink, plump and dripping in gorgeous outfits and an array of the most beautiful cards as gifted upon her by so many of you lovelies out there. Hubby and I are tired but so happy. Though he's a little worried that I've suddenly become a domestic goddess overnight. The house has never been tidier. He should be thrilled right? Well apparently it's such a huge personality change he has concerns ;).

But back to the girl... While changing Bridget's pooey nappy today she pooed again, poo so bright I'm worried she might in fact be radioactive, filling her new nappy beneath and messing her singlet and jumpsuit and the cloth beneath her bum. After cleaning her I picked her up for a little cuddle at which time she left a nice little vomit pressie on my black t-shirt.

Just thought I'd share this information so that one day when she's running the country, or busy curing a disease, or marrying a prince, there will be others out there with evidence that once upon a time she was a grub. A gorgeous grub, but a grub all the same.