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Wednesday 30 January 2008

more chicklets

We have chicklets!

For anyone who was a regular peruser of this blog last Christmas will know, we have chickens. And last year those chickens had chicklets. Weeellll, this year they've done it again! And yes, yet again we are such suckers we wanted our clucky girls to be happy so we bought the fertilised eggs from a breeder.

Most of these chicklets will end up being frizzles (sp) which apparently are messy looking fluffballs. Eight little honeys have hatched . Two black, three gold, and three hiwte including one with a black spot on its head which my hubby has already named "Mike". No idea why.

We won't know their sex until they crow...or not, so the names will be arbitrary. But that's half the fun. My favourite grown chicken is a girl named Jim.

Yet there is one egg still yet to hatch. We have everything crossed.