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Friday 25 January 2008

rolling with the punches

Good day today. I managed to write a bunch of HANKY PANKY. Now that I've found a picture of Ava that resonates with the girl in my head it has become easier.

And I finished the collage for my next Romance. It's funny that I've found full on collaging really helpful for my Harlequin Romances and completely debilitating for my Modern Heats. I'm of the mind that my limited artisitc skills bend towards the "pretty" rather than the "dramatic". Anyhoo, here's Wynnie and Jeremy. I think they are going to be a delight to get to know.

Now I just have to settle on a Working Title. Right now I'm leaning towards, TREATS, TREASURES AND SIMPLE PLEASURES. Watch this space...

Oh, and Bridget discovered her left hand today! She really is such a beautiful time waster that kid of mine...

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