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Sunday, 24 February 2008

lovely reviews

My FALLING FOR THE REBEL HEIR, which comes out in North America and the UK next month, was one of those books that I felt utter joy in writing.

My memory of the experience is kind of dreamy and magical. It might well have been the happy pregnancy hormones, but I'm not sure that's all it was. It all began with my clever husband giving me the idea of a guy finding a mystery girl swimming in the pool of his abandoned mansion. Fairy dust ensued and the rest was history.

Here's what Romantic Times had to say... (4 stars)

Returning home is bittersweet for photographer Hud Bennington. The country house he inherited is in disrepair, except for the pool, which freelance fact-checker Kendall York has kept up and had been using in his absence. The two strike a deal: Hud will allow Kendall continued use of the pool if she'll type his memoirs. Romance isn't part of the plan -- Hud's been damaged by what he's seen overseas, and Kendall's still grieving the loss of her fiance -- but love finds a way. Ally Blake's Falling for the Rebel Heir (4) is a sweet, often funny story with a wonderfully written pair of lovers and a believably developed relationship.

And Cataromance... (4 stars)

Falling for the Rebel Heir by Ally Blake is a charming and tender tale of two people that live with experiences that have changed their lives, for good or bad. I really enjoyed reading about these two challenging characters, Hud because he’s recovering from a horrific experience while reporting on a story he was following and Kendall because of a tragic accident that changed her life and made her unable to forgive herself. There are some that say tragedy can either break you or make you stronger, and for these two in some ways it made them stronger but also more fragile. Fragile because they were second guessing themselves and not willing to live their lives they always dreamt of but also making them survivors, which I really enjoyed reading about. Kudos to Ms. Blake for penning a demanding yet enduring tale of love conquering and bringing about a happy ending.

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