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Saturday, 9 February 2008

Modern Heat Treasure Hunt with Anna Cleary!

Today the lovely Anna Cleary has taken over my blog which is veeerrrry exciting as she is a brand new Modern Heat author!!! And she is joining in the super fun Modern Heat Valentines treasure hunt so read on to find out today's clue!

Anna's first book, MY TALL DARK GREEK BOSS was released in UK in December 2007. Is out in Australia now and will be a Harlequin Presents release in April! What I really wanted to know from Ms Anna was how she came to write her first romance hero...

Here is what inspired Ellie on the night of the Masked Ball—Sam, in all his brooding intensity. (Alex Dimitriados was my inspiration for Sam. I feel sure he’s inpired others.)

Those strong slashing eyebrows, sinfully deep dark eyes and lashes, proud cheekbones and that stirringly sensuous mouth have sizzling impact for heroines of all varieties. In terms of pure male beauty—heart-stopping.


But there’s more, so much more behind that gorgeous facade, and that’s what draws us, and draws Ellie to Sam. There’s pride and pain and passion to be read in those midnight eyes. Intelligence and humour. Strength and vulnerability, and surely the capacity for tenderness and love. All the things a warm-hearted woman desires in a mate.

And please, let’s not forget the chemistry. Certainly, from the moment Ellie meets Sam the sparks of sexual tension fire up the universe.

Now, lovely, clever Ellie is a subtle woman who’s not above using some graceful female subterfuge to manipulate her bosses. Imagine her surprise when she discovers the devilishly clever tactics a sleek, sophisticated boss is capable of using to reel a woman in.

Thanks Anna! Sounds just delicious!! And to whet your tastebuds here's a little about Anna's first book, MY TALL DARK GREEK BOSS.

Ellie O’Dea knows about broken hearts. And she knows about heart-breakers in the workplace. So when Sam Stilakos, tall, sophisticated and stunningly sexy CEO of the Sirius Bank makes her his PA, she knows to beware.

Especially after the night of the masked ball. Ellie kept on her mask, but that was all she kept on. Having had one taste of his lovely, beguiling PA, could Sam be blamed for wanting more?

Treasure Hunt clue: At what event does Ellie O'Dea meet Sam Stilakos for the first time?

Don't forget to go to the Modern Heat blog to find out where you can find the other clues. And check out Julie Cohen's blog for the next clue...

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