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Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Modern Heat Treasure Hunt

As part of the Valentines Month Modern Heat Treasure Hunt, I'll be giving away a copy of my most recent Modern Extra novel, STEAMY SURRENDER.

Saxon Ciantar, the hero in STEAMY SURRENDER is one of my favourites. Shhh, don't tell my other heroes! But how can you not love a guy who has a nineteen sixties Jag, wears 'The Clash' t-shirts tow work and owns his own log cabin in the snow. Added to that the guy owns a string of gelato shops. If that doesn't put him over the edge I just don't know what could.

In my head he's a lot like Christian Bale, but that's a no-brainer really as I reckon I could cast that gent in every book I've ever written ;). But in casting heroes it's never so much about the particulars of the actor I use, it's more about a look in the eye of a particular picture that gives me the essence of my guy. So how else could I describe Saxon? Maybe I ought to leave it up to the heroine Morgan to fill us in on her first impressions...

For the moment her eyes had met his she'd felt... peculiar. Not bad peculiar. But funny in the tummy peculiar. Like she'd had too much coffee. But considering she congealing latte in her hand hadn't deserved the three sips she'd afforded it...

Okay, maybe, just maybe, the peculiar feeling had nothing to do with milk overload. Maybe it had everything to do with the fact that the guy was the most overtly male person she had ever laid eyes on. Even though he was blokey; no doubt the type who roved in a pack and thought calling out to a woman that she had a nice butt was commensurate to a first date, he was also just so...big. Tall and broad. A silver chain clung tight to his solid neck, allowing a small medallion to rest in the dip in his clavicle. Smooth, tightly bound arm muscles strained under a dark t-shirt advertising a rock band she was fairly sure had broken up before she was even born. They were the kinds of muscles that made her want to reach out and touch. And she just knew his stomach would be washboard flat. And rippled. The potential for ripples was super high.

All that healthy robust manliness was something if she really thought about it. Especially when compared with the overly thin, overly coiffed, overly gay types she worked with every day. And she was thinking about it. Quite a lot.

She risked a sideways glance at the guy to find he was watching her and she had to hold a hand over her stomach to quell the sudden strange bouncy uncalled-for butterflies within.

Can you see now why I love the guy? And why I love love love writing for Modern Heat?

TREASURE HUNT CLUE: Who inspired Ally's hero choice in Steamy Surrender?

To find out how to win a slew of fabulous signed novels by your favourite Modern Heat authors, head on over to the Modern Heat blog all through this month! Visit the blogs and websites of the MH authors and enter your Treasure Hunt clues by the 28th of February for the chance to win big! Good luck!

(HINT: We've already had clues by Natalie Anderson and Kate Hardy and next up is... Robyn Grady!)

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