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Sunday, 10 February 2008

what a difference a picture makes

I'm currently working super duper crazy hard finishing my first post-baby book. I didn't write a word for the first two months after Bridget was born, preferring instead to simply be with her, anhd sleep when I could!

And now that I'm neck deep in this story there is something I am sooo glad of. And not just my super-understanding editor!

I'm really glad of my process.

These pictures of my hero and my heroine have given me so much for this book which is the most character centric one I have ever written. I guess that's what comes of a terrifying time limit; no time to do anything but work out the romance.

McSteamy - AKA Eric Dane - was a no brainer choice for Caleb. The stubble, the lazy smile, the sex appeal. I orginally used a picture of Amanda Peet that gave me the vulnerability I needed when getting to know my Ava, but now this picture of the heavely Zooey Deschanel is giving me everything else I need to make Ava loveable. Hoorah for Google!

I've also had the most amazing soundtrack; several slow songs and several happy songs that each fit the mood for different scenes. I even gave these to my editor to help her come up with a blurb and cover picture and title they were that important to my story. George Michael's Kissing a Fool and A Different Corner are staples for me.

Anyhoo I'd better get back to editing like crazy. And I haven't yet quite written the end which is always one of the most pleasurable parts for me. Getting to write those two magical words...

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