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Saturday 16 February 2008

why i love libraries...

Thanks to all the lovely people who attended the library talk I gave at the Doncaster Library today. It was great fun. And getting to listen to Anne Gracie talk anytime is faaabulous so I was lucky too ;).

Juleigh, the librarian who organised this treat of a day, has done a fantastic job with the local "Summer Lovin'" series, all about promoting the reading of romance , in which she had:

"Blind Date with a Book". Selected romance novels were packaged in white paper with nothing but a barcode on the cover, so readers could take a lucky dip in the hopes of discovering a new favourite author!

"T-shirt Reading List". A t-shirt she won on ebay has been signed by a trillion romance authors from around the world and the hopes are that the romance fans at her library will read a book by each author thereon. Brilliant? You're telling me!

"Romance Reading Book Group". She is in the middle of planning a book cirlce in which each participant reads and brings their favourite book and talks about it so everyone can pick up some great advice on who next to try.

Isn't she a dream? Don't we love her?

I also love my editor who came back to me within revisions on my first post baby book within about 7 hours after I sent it to her. All perfect ideas, all things I felt but didn't know quite how to fix, now I am a woman with a plan!

La di dah!!!