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Saturday 1 March 2008

"falling for the rebel heir"

From today FALLING FOR THE REBEL HEIR is on sale in bookstores around the United Kingdom, and I'm sooo excited!

This was the book written through my Between the Sheets series on how I write a novel (click on the link to read the whole lot) as I chatter about location, characters, motifs, brain stimulaiton, head-hopping and POV, revising, collaging, locations, eating habits while writing, soundtracks, and how to deal with real life getting in the way ;). (Apologies that some of the pics have gone awol!)

FALLING FOR THE RBEEL HEIR book that made me turn my eyes to Paris. That had me re-reading Henry V. Reseaching things like Colombian coffee plantations and professional still cameras. And staring at pictures of the gorgeous Rachel McAdams and Marat Safin day in and day out.

I had a ball writing this book. There was definite magic in the air. Here is the collage that helped insipire me and I think it really gives off the dreamy, free feeling of the story.

As in all successful collages so many of these pictures, which were originally chosen as they helped create a "feeling" rather than a narrative, inspired me to create actual scenes and special moments within the book. Do have a look back here once you've read the book to see what I mean. And don't you think the book cover even feels kinda the same? See...magic!

To find out more about the making of this book:

~ read an excerpt ot the book's page on my website
~ check out my "Between the Sheets" series of blog posts I wrote at the time.
~ hang out at Liz Fielding's blog from the 5th of March
~ and at Tote Bag blog on 17th March
~ and to find out why I believe in love, head on over to eHarlequin on 20th March

The North American release is the 11th of March with Australia and New Zealand to follow in April as part of the bestselling Mothers Day Gift Pack.

And over ther next month I will be talking about how I write my next Harlequin Romance in a series called "Cooking A Book". Hope you enjoy!

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